GSAT Training certificate

General Security Awareness Training (GSAT)

GSAT Training Certificate - Overview

GSAT Training certificate

General Security Awareness Training (GSAT) is the minimum aviation security training that any airport employee will need to complete in order to be issued with an Airport Identification Card (AIC) and thus, unescorted access to the Security Restricted Area (SRA) of an airport in the United Kingdom.

Note: there will be additional theoretical, practical and on the job training requirements for most roles within an airport and your employer will ensure that you have the required training before commencing your position.

Course Code: GSAT-UK-V23

Prerequisites: A good understanding of English

Syllabi: This GSAT Training Certificate training is designed using the mandatory syllabus as set out the United Kingdom’s National Civil Aviation Security Programme (Modules 1 -5) and meets the requirements of the European Commission EC n° 300/2008 and in particular Article from EU n°2015/1998 (as retained in U.K law).

  • ONLINE Theoretical Course
  • On-line registration – £8.00 (incl. VAT)
  • Language: English

GSAT Training Certificate - Target Group

All air transport industry personnel

GSAT Training Certificate - Course Outline

  • Previous acts of unlawful interference with civil aviation, terrorist acts and current threats
  • The relevant International and National legal requirements
  • The objectives and organisation of aviation security here in the United Kingdom, including the obligations and responsibilities of persons implementing security controls
  • The configuration of Screening Checkpoints and the Screening Process
  • Airport Identification Cards used at the airport
  • Insider Threat, Radicalisation, Security Culture and CyberSecurity Risks.
  • Threat Reporting procedures
  • Your ability to respond appropriately to security related incidents
  • Escorting Visitors and Temporary Pass Holders

Training Modules Covered – GSAT Training Certificate:

Module 1 – The Threat to Aviation

Module 2 – Security in the Aviation Industry

Module 3 – Your Role

Module 4 – Airside Access

Module 5 – Escorting Temporary Pass Holders

What are the Prerequisites to sit GSAT training

Any candidate who wants to sit an Aviation Security course will need to have an Operational Need/Legitimate reason to sit the training. They will also need to be enrolled by their employer, who is also responsible for completing a Background Check to ensure that the candidate is eligible to sit the training and also has no disqualifying prosecutions that would inhibit the candidate from undertaking their role at the airport.

GSAT Training Certificate- Final Test

All trainees need to pass a final exam in order to demonstrate competence and successfully complete the security course.The pass mark is 85%. If a trainee fails for the first time, they will be given a second attempt at the exam. If a trainee fails twice, they will have to be re-enrolled and retake the entire course.


Once the trainee has passed the final exam, they will be provided with an e-Certificate that can be printed. The certificate is then valid for 5 years.


In the United Kingdom, GSAT training is required to be delivered by a Quality Assured Aviation Security Training Provider. A list of the current QA training providers is available on the Civil Aviation Authority website.

Training must also be delivered by an Civil Aviation Authority Certificated Instructor. Again, this list is available on the CAA’s AvSec website.

If you want to know more, send an e mail to [email protected] and we can schedule a call to discuss your compliance requirements.

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